June 1, 2018

How to Videos

How to Automatically Geotag Video with Video GeoTagger

Now anyone can easily “automatically” geotag video clips in 3 easy steps using a simple map interface and GPS log file. This video shows you how.

How to Manually Geotag Video Using Video Geotagger

Video GeoTagger includes some very powerful capabilities so you can manually geotag video clips using a map that do not have any associated GPS files. This video shows you how.

How to Geotag Video from Any Action Camera

Ever wanted an easy and free way to continuously geotag videos with GPS points from any action camera? This video shows you how using and helmet video camera, a GPS track log from a smartphone app and Video GeoTagger by Remote GeoSystems.

How to Geotag DJI Video Using the Flight Record Log

This How-To video covers how to use Video GeoTagger to continuously geotag video from any DJI drone model with the encrypted flight record TXT file. This is necessary when you want to sync a DJI video with its GPS location points and the SRT file logging is not an option. Once the video is properly geotagged in can be played back LineVision and other Remote GeoSystems mapping applications.

How to Map DJI Videos with GPS in the Closed Caption (PRO only)

Video showing how to open DJI drone closed caption video in Video GeoTagger PRO. Some DJI UAV models do not have SRT file logging options so this is an easy alternative in PRO that lets you import with a few less steps than using the flight record log method in FREE.